Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Girl Scouts Awards & Play

Claire "ready" for Girl Scouts on day!

The Other girl scouts watching the play

Stop Drop and roll scene

the Players

Abby receiving her awards.

Emily receiving her awards.

Emily's Junior Girl Scout troop has been working on a play to teach the Daisys in their troop. The end of March during our award ceremony the girls put on the play. Each girl took turns being a problem child and an Authority figure as they taught to respect Authority. they had lots of fun doing it. Emily and Abby each received new badges and try-its to add to their vest. Abby has earned so many patches I had to add a sash to the bottom of her vest to extend it. The girls are doing great and really enjoy Girl Scouts. Claire can't wait to be one either. She likes to wear Emily's old brownie vest and try to come to Girl Scouts with us. He is heart broken when she can't come. some day soon!


Even Better Than the Real Thing said...

Congrats Girls!!! That's awesome.