Thursday, February 28, 2008

We have horses!!!

I never thought in a million years that we would ever own horses but John was given two horses by someone who was thinning out how many they had. The black and white one is called Domino and the pinkish one is Fresca. John is planning to clean them up and sell them at the auction but the girls want to keep them. We will see what happens because our neighbor next door has puppies my girls are eyeing also. Texas is making me do things I never thought I would do.

Tired out

One day after running a bunch of errands both Claire and Harrison crashed out in the living room when we got home. Claire was asleep on the couch and Harrison fell asleep on his playing blanket. I felt awful when I had to wake them to go get the kids at school. They were sleeping so soundly and probably would have slept awhile if undisturbed.

Little Buds!!!

Claire and Harrison are good little friends since they spend so much time at home together. Harrison was laying on the floor playing with his new toy when Claire wanted in on the action. She is very sweet with him (most of the time). She tells me often she "loves her brother". Harrison thinks he gets a little too much love sometimes.


We had a family move into our neighborhood who also go to Carpenter with the girls. We carpool with them and have become good friends. Their daughter, Maisy has become plays with Emily and Abby often. I took this picture of them "all ready" for Emily's party with hannah montana hair coloring, glitter and gems in their hair!!!

Father and son

John was holding Harrison while Emily opened her gifts for her birthday. I got this cute picture of the two of them.

Emily turns 9!!!!

Emily turned 9 on February 7th this year(notice her signature pose). They had an awards party for those at school who earned triple A. I wasn't able to have lunch with Emily that day because of a meeting but Claire, Harrion and I went for the party at 2:00. Claire thought she was one of the big kids and sat with Emily and her friends. She also got some of the treats too. That night we went to Jalapeno tree (a local mexican resturant) for Emily's birthday (her choice) and they sang to her with a somberoand gave her a big dessert but I didn't have my camera. We went home and opened gifts. Then Friday night we had a High School Musical II party with her friends. They karoked to the songs on her wii game, had cake and ice cream, opened gifts and watched the movie. It went well and they all seemed to have fun. Mom survived better than she thought she would with 10 little girls in the house for 3 hours!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

our play group friends

The other day at play group we lined the babies up

to compare them in size. then their siblings wanted in on the picture so we got a fun picture of friends with their "new" babies. From the left it is: Claire and her brother Harrison, than Maya and her brother Toby (Harrison and Toby were born 20 minutes apart) and Peyton and his sister Ashley. It is fun watching them grow together.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Harrison has become a bink player. He likes to pull it out of his mouth and then try to get it back in. It is cute to watch his little hands work and he is getting good at getting it back in his mouth. He rolled over for the first time on January 24th, right at 4 months old. He rolls from his back to his tummy often now.

New High Chair

Last Saturday John had to take the young men up to Longview so I went with him so I could do some shopping. I really needed to find a high chair for Harrison. We found a fun one that came with toys and was really adjustable. I set it up when we got home. Later that night Harrison tried his first solid food in the new chair. He was not impressed with rice cereal.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Playing in my swing

Harrison likes to play in his swing and is getting pretty good at holding his toys and bringing them to his mouth. I love to watch him learn new things. Claire wanted to get in on the pictures when she saw me taking them of Harrison. She is in her standard "outfit" that she wears around the house.