Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

I am a slacker and didn't get pictures of Abby posted for her birthday. Our Abby turned 8 years old on April 23rd. Abby came into this world as a teeny ball of fire. She has kept me busy ever since. I have enjoyed watching her mature and grow in the last couple years. She will always be my hot and cold child but when she is hot she is very loving and works hard to serve others. She is very social and wants to be playing with other constantly. She has lots of friends and wants to include everyone. She is developing a good friendship with Claire. She enjoys girlscouts and being with her dad. i am so happy to have her in our family! Love you and Happy birthday Abby.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New favorites of Bubbie!

Here are some new shots of bubbie and the things he has been up to lately. He has learned to climb on the kitchen table but then calls out for help down. He likes to carry around FooFoo. The way he holds her makes me laugh so hard I can't stop him from holding her like that. She holds still for him so I guess she doesn't mind that much. The last picture is Harrison after the egg hunt at our spring family fling sitting and eating the whole contents of his eggs in one sitting. He was in heaven and sat there for a good twenty minutes.

Monday, April 13, 2009


My rechargable batteries for my camera are shot but I am trying to suck as much juice out of them as possible because I haven't had a chance to buy some more. Unfortuately my Easter pictures didn't turn out that great. The kids enjoyed their baskets. Harrison loved the truck book he got and ran right up to John to have him read it to him. He is very into trucks right now. Most of the pictures are blurry because I had to quickly turn on the camera and take the picture before it died completely on me and there wasn't enough juice to use the flash. This was after sitting overnight in the charger too!!! SORRY! Harrison was in candy heaven and went into a candy coma. The girls loved the treats from Grandma and Papa too! Happy Easter!

The Easter Bunny forgot to leave our house....

Emily has been begging to use her birthday money to buy a bunny since February. I decided to kill two birds with one stone and told her if she keeps her room clean she can buy one. Saturday a man was selling bunnies at the Flea market for $5 each. Emily didn't want one of those because they were full size but Claire did so she used her money to buy FooFoo. Sunday we went to get Emily's dwarf bunnie. So we are now the proud owners of two bunnies. We will have to make a divider for them because FooFoo is a girl and Cookie is a boy!!! We aren't going to do more than two bunnies.

Easter Egg Hunt

The Tucker House Native plant center at SFA has a Annual Egg hunt. I took Claire and Harrison since John went to Dallas and Emily and Abby were at a slumber party. Claire had her face painted like a raccoon at the face painting booth. The looks a little more like part of the Incredibles family but she would tell everyone, "I'm a raccoon." We met friends for the egg hunt and got a few eggs. It was kind of chilly but not too bad. The kids had a fun time and their picture ended up on the front page of the Nacogdoches newspaper.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

8th Generation pajamas!!!

I put these pjs on Harrison the other night that look like they have been through the war. Both knees are torn out and they say they are a size 4!!! I thought about how much they have been though and realized he is the 8th child to wear them. They are been worn by Jordan, Taylor, Paige, Lexi, Emily, Abby, Claire and now Harrison. It would be fun to see if there was a picture of each of them in the pajamas!!

Claire's 4th Birthday Party!

Harrison getting in on the cupcakes!

I wanted to have a birthday party for claire but for some reason I just couldn't get it together. Wednesday at playgroup I decided to go ahead and just have it on Saturday. Nice last minute planning!!! I ran home got the invites, filled them out and let Claire hand them to her friends at play group. I thought a low key easy going party would be great since I waited to long to do it. We brought our easy up to the park with chairs, blanket, cupcakes and juice. My friend, Arlene and her usband jeremy brought chairs too. We hung out and let the kids play then played a little game that didn't go the best but oh well! We sang and had cupcakes with juice then opened gifts. I think it went pretty good and turned out to be a beautiful day to hang out and visit with friends!!! Even the Dads enjoyed hanging out!

Girl Scouts Awards & Play

Claire "ready" for Girl Scouts on day!

The Other girl scouts watching the play

Stop Drop and roll scene

the Players

Abby receiving her awards.

Emily receiving her awards.

Emily's Junior Girl Scout troop has been working on a play to teach the Daisys in their troop. The end of March during our award ceremony the girls put on the play. Each girl took turns being a problem child and an Authority figure as they taught to respect Authority. they had lots of fun doing it. Emily and Abby each received new badges and try-its to add to their vest. Abby has earned so many patches I had to add a sash to the bottom of her vest to extend it. The girls are doing great and really enjoy Girl Scouts. Claire can't wait to be one either. She likes to wear Emily's old brownie vest and try to come to Girl Scouts with us. He is heart broken when she can't come. some day soon!