Monday, December 22, 2008

Family christmas pictures

My new favorite picture of John and I.

My handsome little boy. Definitely not my baby anymore.

Sweet Abby

Emily, my young lady to be

The whole family. Claire's individual picture had rotating issues too. I hate sideway pictures.

I have been waiting to upload these pictures until I had my Christmas cards mailed out. I wanted our pictures to be a bit of a surprise. I went all out and bought matching outfits for us. I love that look when I see others do it. The pictures actually used in our christmas cards isn't shown because I am having read-only won't rotate issues with it. We took these on sunday afternoon inbetween one of the many activities that Sunday. They turned out pretty good considering the situation. I hope you enjoy updated shots of us. Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Mommy's little Piggy!!!

Harrison is very into bread right now because it is the only food he can reach on his own. The other day he must have been really hungry because he kept bringing me the loaf of bread to have some. He would then shove the whole piece into his mouth as fast as he could. It was so funny but I had to watch him close because he would almost choke himself.

Claire's program

Claire's school had a really sweet christmas program with all the classes in the preschool. It was very cute to see all the little kids singing or trying to sing. I was surprised to find out Claire is the tallest in her class. Claire has really enjoyed preschool and would like to go everyday.

Goofy Girls

Sunday Emily was looking for something to do so she took one of my SU boxes and cut it into a TV set. Then made a remote control and wii controllers out of the scraps and then the 3 kids "played TV" for awhile that afternoon. It would make you think my kids are deprived and don't have a TV but there is a big screen on the other side of the Christmas tree. I guess using their imaginations is better than staring dazed at the TV.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


My friend had a Christmas open house and invited us to come see Santa. Harrison did a lot better than I thought he would. He was unsure about Santa but sat on his lap without crying. The lighting was bright enough to make my flash not work but not good enough so the pictures came out fuzzy. I can't complain too much when you get free up and personal Santa pictures. He home was decorated beautiful and had lots of trees decorated so nice.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The fashion sense of a 3 year old.....

Claire has been wearing her church slip all day. The house is pretty warm today so i wasn't worried about it. When the older girls got home she wanted to go play outside with Abby so I told her she had to get dressed. This is what she came out of her room wearing. I just have to laugh and let her go because the battle will be too much. Hopefully soon her fashion sense will improve.