Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fishing at the ponds

The weather has been great lately to go down and fish in the evenings. John and the girls go down often. I come down with Harrison to feed the ducks. Our friend, the builder has planted some bass and catfish in the ponds so it is fun to try and catch those. John and Emily each caught a catfish on the last trip down. Emily's was the length of he mid leg. She was very proud and told everyone about it. She has even got brave enough to get the perch off her own hook when she catches those. Too bad Papa wasn't here because he would have been proud of her new fishing skills. I had gone home for the night so we didn't get a picture of the catfish but maybe next time. Claire likes to catch the perch and has fun doing that with her own little pole.

New pictures of Harrison

Listening to his echo

Down by the ponds

Playing with the tall grass

Wanting down the slide when I want a picture

Drinking from his sippy

Loving Abby's lab webkins

In the stove drawer

taking a tubby with Toby

Hollaring from the rocking chair

fun green jammies climbing on the table

Here are some various pictures of Harrison from the last month. He is full on walking and turning into such a little boy. I love him to death and cuddle him tons because he is growing fast. He loves to climb on things like the console table and the girls rocking chair. He likes to climb on the rocking chair then yell. He definitely thinks yelling is fun and likes to hear his echo when we are in the front yard. He "dances" when ever he hears music which is precious. He loves to play with Claire and follow the girls around. He is often found "in" things like the stove drawer, my bottom bathroom drawer, my shirt drawer, etc. He has learned a few signs to help communicate with us. He does more, all done, and eat. If anyone is eating he must have some too. He is my heaviest baby and feels like a lead weight. He knows where his head is and goes to bed pretty good on his own, loves the bath tub.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Birthday presents at home

Harrison enjoyed opening his presents from family at home. The girls enjoyed playing with everthing as much as he did. It was fun for mom to get to buy some boy toys. It was fun to watch him open his toys and be excited about them. His favorite was a train that plays music and rotates 3 balls through it. Harrison got on his knees and danced to it with his arms up in the air. I got it on vidoe but not any still pictures.

The Birthday Party

The sesame street cake with their picture on it.
Proud mom and dad. (I hate the way I look in this picture!)
Blowing out the candle.
Dad's with their buddies!!
Having at the mini chocolate cake!!

Harrison and Toby's party was a great success!!! We had lots of friends there eating pizza and having a good time. Maya and Claire opened all the boys gifts. The boys had a good time eating their birthday cake. Toby was into it more than Harrison and ended up covered with chocolate cake!!! It was fun to be with out friends and celebrate the boys!!!