Tuesday, May 27, 2008

At the lake!!!!

We took the boat out for the first time this year on Memorial Day. The girls were suppose to be at school but since John had the day off we kept them out of school. I don't know why their school was still in. I thought they had to have Federal holidays off. We had a great day at the lake. It started out rough because Harrison wasn't happy in his life vest but he got use to it in the end. After having something to eat and taking a nap he woke up happy. The girls had a great time playing in the water then riding the tube. Abby, the dare devil liked to stand on the tube. She took a wild and crazy ride alone that she loved. Emily prefers easy going rides. I even rode the tube once with Claire because she wanted to try it like the big girls. She didn't last very long on it but she got to try it. Over all it was a great day all together. I enjoyed it lots.

Water Park

On Thursday I went to Lufkin with my friend, Arlenethat has a little girl, Maya who is Claire's age and a boy, Toby born the same day as Harrison. We put the boys on a blanket on the water area to "play" like the girls. I was only able to get this picture before my batteries died in my camera. I was so mad they weren't charged!!! Harrison was all happy until the water started to spray and get his face wet. He did no like the water in his face. The boys looked really cute sitting there together in their hats.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Stuck in a box

Harrison dumped out his box of toys and was playing with them. when he sat himself back up from his tummy he got his rearend stuck in the toy box. It was so funny I had to take a picture before I helped him out. He wasn't very happy to wait but I couldn't pass up the perfect picture. Things like that don't happen on their own oftern

Spider Swing

I put Claire and Harrison in the swing together. We use to call this spider when we were growing up. Harrison thought it was great to swing and had a big smile on his face most of the time. Claire will seing for a bit but then gets tired of being smashed. Harrison is getting so big. He is a very happy baby and had been a great addition to our family

Lufkin Zoo

After the races on Saturday we went to the Lukfin Zoo. Emily had been asking to go since Abby went on a school field trip and Claire hadn't been in awhile. It was a great day to go, Sunny but not humid yet. Claire has been really into "rat-toons" since we went camping in March and had them at our camp site. She was happy to see them but afraid when Dad asked her if she wanted in the pen with them. It was great to spent time as a family. Our weekends seem to get used up to other things often that it was nice to spend the whole day as a family. We even cleaned the church on the way home.

Powder Puff Derby

Emily and Abby's girl scout troop participated in their version of the Pinewood Derby. John was busy helping to make 2 cars with the girls. All their hard work paid off because Emily placed 2nd and Abby 3rd for the Nacogdoches troops and then at finals Emily placed 2nd for all of East Texas in the Brownie division. The girls were very excited about the races and even dressed to match their cars. Abby made a really neat alligator car and Emily's was metallic pink with black butterfly rubon decals. I joked when Claire because a Daisy scout we will sweep the race. John is excited to start planning next years cars with the girls. the pictures are: 1) the girls matching their cars. 2) the finalist for Nac 3)with their Dad 4) Troop 1500 5) the finalist winners

Monday, May 5, 2008

Hula Girl

John's parents went to Hawaii with some

old neighbors. They sent a little gift for each girl. Claire got this fun hula skirt and purse. She thought she was really cool. I thought she looked pretty cute. I can't believe who much of a "big" girl she is becoming. The talks up a storm and doesn't forget a thing you have said to her. She likes to be with her big sisters even though they don't always think that is a great idea. Emily is really good to read to Claire and Abby likes to play with her. Claire looks forward to them coming home from school each day. I can't believe my Claire is 3.

My good idea gone bad....

Claire had an ingrown toe nail that was getting red and infected looking. I had made an appointment for her at the Dr. (who happens to live across the street from us) but the night before the appt. we saw the Dr in the yard and she came over to see why we were coming in the next day. She took a look at Claire's toe and told me what to do and to cancel the appt and only come in if it gets worse. I was told to soak her foot in warm water and let the nail work its way out while the skin is soft. I was trying to think of a way to keep a 3 yr old sitting with her foot soaking without me right there the whole time so I could get the other 3 kids ready for bed. My idea was crayola markers on the mirror. She likes to color and markers won't hurt the mirror, right? I got Claire set up and went to work getting the others ready to for bed. After I was done I went to help Claire and this is what I found!!! I couldn't even be mad because I was the one who gave her the markers. They are usually put way up in my closet because of Claire's other coloring "adventures". John looked on the bright side and said was ready for a Chargers game!!! I guess an unattended 3 yr old with markers is NEVER a good idea. Claire was pretty proud of herself too as you can tell from her BIG smile.