Sunday, July 19, 2009

SFA Charter School open house.

Today was the open house for the new Charter School Emily and Abby will be attending in the fall. We are so happy they are able to go to this school and it is such a beautiful building. Abby was kind of sad to leave Carpenter (the only school she knew) until she saw this new school. She is very excited to be in a brand new school with so much to offer. A highlight that will be there in history for a while is the huge art piece in the foyer that is made up of art pieces Emily's 4th grade class made. It looks like a pretty permanant piece and Emily's name is on the placque! Her piece is in the bottom row of 3 on the far right. It has lots of brush strokes you can see. Each of the girls got to see their class rooms. One month left until they start school there on August 19th!

My ham, Claire!

On Saturday we had a pretty big rain storm come through between noon and 1:00. John was getting ready to do some yard work and the storm "spoiled" his plans. John and Claire were hanging out in the open garage tinking around and watching the rain. I saw claire out in the rain through the window and went to investigate. John and Claire decided to use the rin to their advantage and were washing the Land Cruiser in the rain. Claire was having a great time playing with the hose in the rain. She can be quite the "supermodel" and was working for the camera for me. She is at a fun, mischievious age!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Touch a truck

Our local library has special activities every Tuesday for the kids in the community. This week was "touch a truck". They had 6-7 different kinds of trucks there for the kids to sit in, walk through and stuff to see them up close. I was really excited to bring Harrison because he is so into trucks and cars right now. Last year he slept through the whole thing so I didn't even get a picture of him then. This year being that close to the real thing was too much for him! He starting to cry walking through the Swat truck and when I sat him in the fire truck with Claire he was crying to hard on of the firemen came running around the truck to make sure everything was okay. I just told him I was torturing my son and making him sit in the truck he didn't want to because I really wanted a fire truck picture! Claire seemed to enjoy it the most and climbed right up into all the driver seats and posed for a picture. It was a fun time nonetheless!