Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Touch a truck

Our local library has special activities every Tuesday for the kids in the community. This week was "touch a truck". They had 6-7 different kinds of trucks there for the kids to sit in, walk through and stuff to see them up close. I was really excited to bring Harrison because he is so into trucks and cars right now. Last year he slept through the whole thing so I didn't even get a picture of him then. This year being that close to the real thing was too much for him! He starting to cry walking through the Swat truck and when I sat him in the fire truck with Claire he was crying to hard on of the firemen came running around the truck to make sure everything was okay. I just told him I was torturing my son and making him sit in the truck he didn't want to because I really wanted a fire truck picture! Claire seemed to enjoy it the most and climbed right up into all the driver seats and posed for a picture. It was a fun time nonetheless!