Friday, January 23, 2009

Another take down!

Harrison got Claire pinned the other night like he did Abby. He has a thing for sitting on their head. It makes me laugh but Claire couldn't take 25 almost 26 lbs to her head for very long. I like how he is watching TV like it is no big deal but Claire is starting to scream. He is a true brother!!!

Harrison in Heaven

Harrison found Abby's huge lollipop from christmas the other night and thought he hit the jackpot!!! The sucker was as big as his head and he had a hard time holding it up. He worked hard to nibble on it and get it really juicy. It all came to an end when he dropped it on the tile and it broke into pieces. Abby was okay with that because it was easier for her to eat in pieces too.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Winning ticket

Here is a really bad picture of Emily but she is proudly holding her winning ticket and silver Ipod Nano prize. She bugged dad all day to get music loaded on it so she could listen to it. I am guessing we won't get as much protesting from her next time we want to go wheeling.

Harrison takes one down!

Harrison is learning to hold his own and take on his sisters already. The other day he was wrestling with Abby and sat on her pretty good. Tonight he was holding onto claire's clothes to get his toy back from her. I think I may have even heard him say "mine". Hopefully he stays my sweet boy too.

Gilmer Toyota Jamboree

Powder puff line up

one of our morning runs

John and Harrison watching the trucks

Me with the truck!

The kid playing in and loving the dirt. Harrison was getting rocks all day.

This weekend we went to a TLCA event and drove trails at Barnwell mountain. It was a little warmer this year so the kids got to get out and play along the trails. John drove some trails in the morning then we watched trucks try to climb "twister" a rough obstacle that tests their trucks. The girls and Harrison all loved to watch the big trucks work their way up it. After that we had lunch and went to watch trucks "race" through the rock garden. We saw a few trucks almost tip over and it was really exciting. I even had to grab Claire out of the way of a truck. Scared us both pretty good. In the after noon I drove on a Powderpuff run and then we did a few harder runs than the powder puff that I got to drive also. They were fun but I still miss Hell's revenge in Moab, my favorite run to drive. We ended the night with a dinner and raffle for the kids and adults. There weren't lots of kids there so each kid got 2 prizes and then they had 2 grand prizes for the kids and Emily won an Ipod Nano. We looked like Christmas walking out of there with 8 prizes and 1 grand prize, that is a benefit of bringing/having 4 kids. We were definitely the biggest family there. All the kid's prizes made up for us getting skunked in the adult raffle we actually bought into. The kids did well on the trip and we had a good time so it was a great weekend.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Claire's First "sleepover"

Saturday my neighbor asked if I could watch her two girls while she went to a wedding in Lousiana. Her oldest is Emily and Abby's age and her younger one is Claire's age so it is not a problem to watch them because it keeps my girls entertained too. They weren't going to be home until late so I told Claire it was a sleep over. We set up Claire's tent and got the princess sleeping bags out and let the girls sleep in there. They eventually fell asleep. My neighbor picked up her girls just after 11:00 and carried her daughter out without waking either little girl up. Claire came crying into my room about 3:00 in the morning because her friend was missing. I felt bad she didn't get a true sleepover but that is as good as it gets for 3 year olds!!!!

Harrison's New Duck

My Texas Mom Marsha gave Harrison the cutest little duck toy when we went to give her a birthday gift. I told her she had the birthday thing mixed up but she is very sweet that way. Always thinking of others. Claire and Harrison have adopted her as their Texas Memaw. Harrison loves the toy and ran all over the house playing with it. There are little beads on the wheel that make a little clanking noise as he walks. I just have to watch him close because he likes to swing it at things too.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Music Man


We have a microphone that goes with the HSM game for the wii. Harrison got a hold of it the other day and was walking around "singing" into it. He sounded so cute and funny I had to get it on video. I loved how it looked like he was "dancing" to his singing also. Harrison is very fun at this age and likes to dance and will start dancing almost anytime you ask him too. He loves music and moving to it. One of his favorite is Laurie Berkner. Even the girls will ask to hear her and sing along with Harrison. Harrison is also into coming up to me on the computer and turning my chair so I can get out and do his bidding.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas morning

Claire with her stocking loot!


relaxing Em

Harrison couldn't wait to get his toy out of the box to ride it

Abby (What a sucker!)

Emily with her stocking

Happy Claire

Playing trains

Harrison jumping out of dad's arms to his train table.

The girls ready to see their gifts!

We had a quiet Christmas at home this year. We were mean and didn't let them out of their room until 8:00. They all were happy for their Santa gifts. Emily got a new bike, Abby got a guitar, Claire got a Nintendo DS and Harrison got a train table. After opening our gifts and hanging out for a little while we packed to go to Houston to see Cousins. The day after Christmas while in Houston Abby became sick with a stomach bug. It then proceeded to effect each of us one by one which made for a GREAT visit. I am sure Ken and Maria will be excited to have us visit again soon!!! Over all it was a good Christmas but we missed lots of our family.