Friday, June 6, 2008


I got a seat for Harrison to sit in in the tub so I wouldn't kill my back holding him up the whole time. It has been really nice ans Claire loves to get in the tub with. I don't have to worry about her accidently knocking him down.

Big boy trouble

Now that Harrison has crawling down he decided to move onto pulling him self up to his feet on anything he can. I am afraid walking won't be too far away. He was a passive crawling and would only go a sort way to get a toy or something. He has learned it is a good way to go further too and will hunt me down!!!

Dumb dog!!!

Our dog is into playing with it's food dish right now. The main bowl is plastic to hold water and then it has a hole to hold a metal food dish. I have to bring the metal dish in after she eats or she will sit and bark at her reflection in it all day. It gets really annoying fast. One evening John went out to feed her and found her laying down with her dish around her neck. He was laughing so hard I had to go see what was so funny. The funniest part was the dog was acting like nothing was wrong, like it was normal to have a dish around your neck!!!

Super Troop

Emily and Abby's girl scout troop was a Super Troop this year meaning they sold and average of 240 boxes of cookies per girl in their troop. There are about 12 girls in their troop so that is a lot of cookies!!!! Their troop had a "super" day to celebrate all their hard work. They went bowling in the morning then had lunch at Cici's pizza and went minitature golfing afterwards. Their cousin from Houston were in town and got to go also since they are girl scouts too. It was a really fun day and extra special to spend it with friends and cousins!!! Maria and I were worn out by the end too.

School Awards

The girls had an award ceremony the last week of school. They both received quite a few awards for their grades, behavior, and such. I was very proud to see them do so well. It was a long ceremony and both Claire and Harrison were done before it was. Luckily my friend helped to entertain Claire a bit. Abby really liked her teacher this year and I really like this picture of got of them together.