Friday, June 6, 2008

Dumb dog!!!

Our dog is into playing with it's food dish right now. The main bowl is plastic to hold water and then it has a hole to hold a metal food dish. I have to bring the metal dish in after she eats or she will sit and bark at her reflection in it all day. It gets really annoying fast. One evening John went out to feed her and found her laying down with her dish around her neck. He was laughing so hard I had to go see what was so funny. The funniest part was the dog was acting like nothing was wrong, like it was normal to have a dish around your neck!!!


Tamster said...

Amy, that is absolutely hilarious! Hey, long time no talk. I just found your blog through Amy Morgan's. I'm still not sure how she found me. Anyway, how are y'all? You live in Texas? Where? I live in TX now too, up in the panhandle near Amarillo. You are welcome to check out my blog anytime. Feel free to sign my guest book and leave comments. Heck, maybe you already have seen it and that's how Am M. found me; maybe you are also a blog-stalker! ;-) I know your mom signed my guestbook awhile back. Anyway, I hope to hear from you. :-)
Tami (Kelly) Gooch