Saturday, March 29, 2008

Don't forget the Bluebonnets

I have been searching fields as I drive and asking locals "where are the blue bonnets?" I really wanted to get some pictures of the kids in blue bonnets while we were in Texas. On Friday I spotted a patch of them not too far from our house. Saturday I brought the kids there to get some pictures. It might have been nicer if they were wearing matching clothes but I was too lazy to coordinate that. I for sure had to get some pictures of our Texan in the bonnets. He enjoyed them too. I really liked the "moody" shots I got of Emily too. I can't believe how grown up she is looking.

I do love spring in Texas

If it could stay like spring year round I wouldn't mind living here so much. The weather is perfect, warm but no humidity yet. East Texas is a rainbow of Azelas (might have spelled that wrong). The plants are beautiful but the blooms don't last long. Most of these plants were new to me when we moved here. The wisteria is so pretty, you see "bushes" of it and it wild throughout trees all over. The purple is really brilliant. My new favorite tree is the Dogwood, you usually see white ones but I have noticed pink ones this year. When the tree is in full bloom it looks like a glowing white tree. I think end of March is the best time to visit East Texas. I hope you enjoy these pictures, it's even better in real life.

Claire's birthday party

We had a few friends of Claire's over from her play group for her birthday. We played a game of musical chairs then opened presents and had cake. It was lots of fun. Claire was so happy to have her friends over

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ladies Man!!!


We are in trouble!!! During Claire's birthday party we put Harrison and Toby sitting up playing with each other, than we decided to hold Ashley up to "sit" inbetween them so all the babies were together. Harrison then leaned over and tried to "kiss" Ashley. What are we going to do if he is "hitting" on the girls already.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Dresses

Emily and Abby got new dresses for Easter. There wasn't one in Claire's size so she wore a nice spring dress we already had. Harrison wore a handsome shorts and jacket outfit he got from Grandma when he was born. "It was the perfect size to wear for easter. I think he looks precious especially with his knee socks!!

Easter Morning

Here are the kids with their baskets in the morning. I didn't get a "group" shot because I was a bit tired and not really with it since I had a long night with an unhappy Harrison. I believe they had a pretty good easter.

Egg hunt and BBQ

My good friend Arlene hosted a BBQ for the group of us that do play group and Girls night out. It was lots of fun to do something as families. We did an egg hunt for the kids then just let them play while the adults visited and ate. It was a great time. I have become really good friends with all of them and they really make Nacogdoches better.


I got Claire ready to go to a BBQ at a friend's house and thought she looked pretty cute afterwards so I decide I better get some pictures. I must admit I am slacking with my 3rd child, she doesn't always get her hair done everyday and most days she goes from pajamas to dress up back to pajamas never making it into real clothes. I can't believe she will be 3 years old in 4 days!!!

We did it!!

As of Thursday March 20th we own a Chocolate lab. We named her Chloe. the first night she dug herself back to the neighbors during the night so Friday we bought her a crate and things have been pretty good so far. She will be an outside dog. The girls really like playing with her especially Emily. Abby and Emily take turns every other day feeding her and cleaning up the "puppy packages". It is fun to watch the dog follow the girls all around the yard. John was off work for Good Friday. He spent Friday and Saturday cleaning the yard up and getting it back in order after winter the weekend was beautiful so the girls and dog were out wit him all day. She gets a little whiney when the girls come inside but settles down after a bit. Harrison likes to watch her run around too.

Perfect shirt

While at the Sam Houston statue we found the perfect shirt for Harrison that I HAD to buy. This isn't the best picture because I was taking it while trying to hold Harrison up all by myself but it says:
Assembled in Texas
using imported materials
(mom and dad ain't from around here)
Whenever we meet someone new and start talking to them they always seem to say "you ain't from around here, are you?" In fact John and I were recently told WE have accents!!!!

Sam Houston

There is a little historical visitor center right by the State park we camped at so one the way home we decided to stop and see the Enormous Sam Houston statue. It is crazy how big the thing really is. In the full size picture you can hardly see John and the kids sitting below the statue. They have a separate statue of just his head that Abby had "fun" with.


We went camping with our cousins from Houston and some of their friends at the end of our spring break and the beginning of theirs. It was Harrison's first time camping and he did great the first night. It was chilly the second night so I had him in bed with me. The girls had LOTS of friends to play with and had a great time. Stefan (one of the moms) brought lots of fun things for the kids to do like, jiffy pop, dying eggs, ice cream making ball and rice krispie treats. The weather was great too with no humidity yet.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Should we????

That is the big question in our house right now. The neighbor's dogs will be ready to leave their mother next week. I really like the chocolate female I am holding in the first picture. The girls just love them all. Claire loves to lay on the ground and let the puppies crawl and lick her all over. If they stayed little I would be fine with it but they get pretty big. Do I get myself another responsibility since my four children aren't enough?

My New Obsession...

is Ukranian eggs. My good friend here in Texas introduced me to them when she had a few people over to make them around Easter time. After doing them two times with her I had to buy my own supplies to make them since they are so cool. It is quite a process to layer the wax and dye so it is an all day thing but so fun to see the results. The girls even had fun making them. The picture of the single egg is my proud and joy one this year. I copied it right from the book of sample eggs.

Friday, March 7, 2008

It snowed in Nacogdoches!!!!!

As the girls were leaving for school the rain turned to snow then became big flakes. It snowed for maybe an hour. We got a decent cover that melted quickly after it stopped. It was nice to watch it softly fall and swirl around, I really miss that about Utah. Claire thought it was cool and probably doesn't remember the snow in Utah.

Harrison sitting up

Abby is into playing with her brother. She likes to prop him up in the corner of the chair and make him giggle. Harrison is getting good at sitting there and seems close to sitting up by himself.

Toby in the torture harness!!

Harrison's friend Toby came over to play. (with his mom Arlene and sister Maya) We thought it would be fun to see him in the jumper to see how he would do. He did a bit of jumping but it usually takes a few times before most babies get good at it. Toby was born the same day as Harrison about 20 minutes later. He was a pound lighter at birth but us now passing Harrison up.