Saturday, March 29, 2008

I do love spring in Texas

If it could stay like spring year round I wouldn't mind living here so much. The weather is perfect, warm but no humidity yet. East Texas is a rainbow of Azelas (might have spelled that wrong). The plants are beautiful but the blooms don't last long. Most of these plants were new to me when we moved here. The wisteria is so pretty, you see "bushes" of it and it wild throughout trees all over. The purple is really brilliant. My new favorite tree is the Dogwood, you usually see white ones but I have noticed pink ones this year. When the tree is in full bloom it looks like a glowing white tree. I think end of March is the best time to visit East Texas. I hope you enjoy these pictures, it's even better in real life.


Tina said...

You should really not rub it in. It's kind of mean. Today's forecast MORE snow with more to come...and 33 is the high. Are you kidding me???
I am glad though that you get to see the spring...does it still smell good??? And I am highly jealous of your flowers...