Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Should we????

That is the big question in our house right now. The neighbor's dogs will be ready to leave their mother next week. I really like the chocolate female I am holding in the first picture. The girls just love them all. Claire loves to lay on the ground and let the puppies crawl and lick her all over. If they stayed little I would be fine with it but they get pretty big. Do I get myself another responsibility since my four children aren't enough?


Tina said...

Oh, Amy! They are so cute!
And no. We really liked our dog (note LIKED) but she got to be too much for the boys (HA!) and we couldn't enjoy our yard...and it's not a small one. :) I would wait until Harrison is like 6 and really WANTS a dog. The girls could still appreciate it and you will appreciate not cleaning up after it :)
And if Jeff has his way we will never own anothr animal :) I really want a long tailed lizard (he can share with the anoles) and rumor has it the boys are getting me one for my birthday....wait, wasn't it just John's? OR yours? I can never remember who is first...