Sunday, February 19, 2012

Some recent projects of mine

I have been spending my time quilting and sewing as I wait for my studio to be completed. Here are some of my recent projects I have done. I have ventured into machine quilting some of them myself too.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas 2011

My blog has been put on the back burner because of the last two crazy years we have had. I decided to resurrect it for our "Christmas card" this year. I apologize I did not mail out the traditional card and picture this year. I had to change a few things up this year and a mailed out card and letter was one of them. I do enjoy hearing from friends & family and wanted to share with you all too.
This picture was taken last Christmas while we were in California all of us have aged a bit but it is our most professional family picture we have had in a year. 2011 has been filled with many day to day events. The year highlight was a wonderful trip to Disney World and a Disney cruise to celebrate what would have been my parents 50th anniversary. Everyone loved it, talks about it all the time and can't wait to go on another cruise. Unfortuately it will be a little while before we will be cruising again.
Harrison Highlights - turned 4 yrs old, started preschool, loves anything Cars, gun, lego, etc. He is all boy and adds so much to our family. John especially loves his buddy to do things with. He has learned to tease his sisters especially Claire. He keeps us entertained.
Claire - 6 years old, in first grade, enjoys being at school all day and being in class with her best friend Rylee. All girl and loves anything pink and glittery. Tries to keep up with her older sisters. Lost her front teeth in a head on trama with her friend Olivia.
Abby - 10 years old, in 5th grade, she is our social girl and loves to be with friends. She is becoming a great baby sitter and following in Emily footprints there. She joined the school band this year and plays the Alto Sax. She had picked it up well and did great at her first concert this month. She helps around the house lots and is my "neat" child that keeps her room clean. I love it!
Emily - 12 years old, 7th grade. This year was a big one for Emily, she started middle school, got braces, moved into Young womens and it ready to be a more independent teenager. She is doing great in school, loves going to Young Womens and has become a great babysitter. She saved up her earnings to buy an ipod touch and CHI flat iron. She loves having an "income".
Amy - I am enjoying being home with Harrison and taking care of the home. I have focused mainly on sewing and quilting this year. I have hopes of completing part of the basement this next year so I can get back to some of my other hobbies like scrapbooking and stamping.
John - is glad to be back in SLC working. The stress from work is decreased and he can spend time doing the things he likes. He has started running again and ran his first marathon in Sept. He also ran 3 Ragnar Relays. I was able to run 2 of them with him. He has done a couple home improvement projects to help personlize our home and got our backyard in this year. It turned out great and the kids love being outside on the grass.
We have been very blessed this year and hope for an even better year next year. We hope all of our friends and family have a great 2012 also.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
love The Curnutts

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Like Father Like Son

Harrison loves his tool set. He likes to work on his toys. Here he is practicing for when he has his first Land Cruiser. His dad would be so proud. It looks like John will have a big garage helper in the new house when he does work on his Land Cruiser.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Something that makes me happy

I have decided to get Fiestaware dishes a couple years ago because I was tired of my plain white dishes. I love seeing all the bright colors when I open my cupboard now. I have 8 colors that I am working on getting two place setting of each color for. I have received some great gifts of different serving pieces also. All these colors make me happy!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Big Snow in Nac

Our front yard at the start of real snow

about 10:30 at night is was getting deep and the power went out
In the morning we had a decent amount of snow.
Our house that morning.
Emily and Harrison working on a snow man.
Claire loved eating snow!

The girls with their neighborhood BFFs
The ponds in our neighborhood. They looked so pretty.
Abby making a snow angel.
The girls snowman. It was as tall as them. i had to help left the middle.
Harrison walking in deeper snow with beautiful trees.
Walking down our street.
Sisters, they look so loving......
Harrison and I in the snow. Glad we had the proper clothes!

Thursday it did a slushy rain all day and was just kind of cold and yucky. About 8:00 that night it decided to turn into real snow and started to accumilate on the ground. I went walking about 10:00 that night. Luckily my snow boots and jacket were easy to get to. I miss the quiet peacefulness of night snowing. Friday when we woke up we had between 4-6" of snow. we had a little challenge to get the snow clothes box out of the attic but got it for snow clothes for Harrison and claire. Poor Harrison had to wear pink girls clothes. He didn't mind because they kept him warm. School was cancelled because Nac has no snow removal equipment and there was no way I was getting on the road with locals. The kids got dressed up and went out to play with friends. They had lots of fun building snowmen and having snow ball fights. They came in for awhile when they got cold but went out for one more run later in the afternoon. The only really negative part was the power was out all day too for about 7 hours. i was really grateful when it came back on about 3:00 this afternoon because the house was getting cold and I wanted a warm dinner. I even got to shovel a driveway for our Dr. neighbor who needed to get to the hospital and got stuck in her driveway. We probably own the only snow shovel in Nac.

Emily's Birthday

Emily turned 11 this year. Her birthday was on Sunday so we had her party on Saturday at the local rollerskating rink. We ended up with 20 girls there! It was quite the party but everyone seemed to have a good time and Emily loved it. Sunday we went out to Emily's resturant of choice. She chose Auntie Pastas and had Creme Brule for her birthday cake and dessert. We went home and opened presents as a family.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Misc. Happenings

Not much has been happening lately but I thought I would post some of the random pictures I have taken lately.

1) Claire and her best friend, Maya dressing up in matching outfits.
2) Claire getting to wear her cousin Paige's "bumpit" She thought it was very cool and grown up to wear it.
3) Harrison loves to play Thomas the train on the computer. He is even learning to use the headphones so we don't have to hear it.
4) I finished my Valentine table runner.