Saturday, April 10, 2010

Something that makes me happy

I have decided to get Fiestaware dishes a couple years ago because I was tired of my plain white dishes. I love seeing all the bright colors when I open my cupboard now. I have 8 colors that I am working on getting two place setting of each color for. I have received some great gifts of different serving pieces also. All these colors make me happy!


Tina said...

I want fiesta ware...husband thinks it's silly to have heavy breakable dishes in a house of boys. I think it's necessary in house of blueto have just a bit of color!

Hot Pants said...

I got a place sitting for 6 when I got married. We broke a plate shortly after. 15 years later, we still own only 5 plates...there are 6 of us. When I don't have paper plates the kids just have to take turns using a salad plate or a bowl. I don't know why I just don't go buy more dishes. We're pathetic.

kim may said...

I hear ya...A couple weeks ago I decided that I needed a change from the white dishes we have had since we got married. I bought some fun green and cream demask ones. I love opening my cupboard now--makes me happy too.