Friday, May 15, 2009

Mr. Harrison

Here are two new pictures of the boy. Since he can't climb up on the furniture yet he pulls the pillows down to lay on the floor. Here he is enjoying some Handy Manny. After his bath one day he snuck off to watch some TV before I could get him dressed. It was too cute not to get a picture of!

John has taught Harrison how to open peanuts and will sit outside with him eating nuts. It is fun to watch Harrison because whenever he gets it open and sees the nut he says "cool". It is kind of a little grunt sometimes but he is always excited to get the nut inside.

Claire end of the year program

Claire had a program of a couple songs for the end of the year. It ws really cute. Claire loved school, especially he two teachers, Ms. Lisa and Ms. Jennifer. Ms. jennifer lives down the street from us so she would take Calire to twice a week when she went. It was a huge help to me and made a special bond between Claire and Ms. Jennifer

John's Birthday

John had his big 35 on May 4th. My big gift to him was to go see Dave Matthews Band in concert in Houston on the 1st. It was a great concert and I enjoyed the time spent with John. My Brother in Law Ken so kindly met us in The woodlands and picked up the kids so we could enjoy a super date night! I can't thank him enough. Monday on John's actual day I made his favorite meal of ribs in a smoker and we had our good friends the Smith's over to share in the special day. Emily was her creative self and made a birthday banner for him. She thought it was funny to make the 3 really big like her was only 3 years old! It was a fun night and I love to do special things for the man I love!!!