Saturday, July 19, 2008

My goofy girls.

I was sitting at the computer one day when I hear claire ask if i will help her put on her tights. when I turned to look at her I busted up laughing because she had them on her head. Emily and Abby hear me laughing and had to copy Claire. The goofy park was Abby had thick wool tight you couldn't see her with and Emily got patterned tights. What a bunch of dorks!!!!

Touch a truck

The library had a special "touch a truck" day and had all sorts of trucks for the kids to see up close. The girls thought it was pretty cool to get to climb inside and see them up close. Abby was really proud to have her picture taken by the garbage truck. It wasn't a very popular truck. I wanted to take a picture of Harrison by the trucks but he slept the whole time!!!

4th continued

Next we went to the lake for lunch and some fun in the sun. It was Harrison's first time in the water on the lake. He didn't like it at first but realized mommy was going to hold him the whole time so he was okay with it and the cool water is refreshing. We met up with some other friends of ours with a boat and swam around with them some. We all had a great time. Emily and Abby rode the tube for bit at the end and claire fell asleep after playing so hard. we ended the day at a BBQ at a good friends in the neighborhood. It was a lot of fun hanging out. They had a blow up water slide for the kids and washers for the guys. I forgot my camera so we don't have pictures of the fun. They also did a great firework display after dark they was great. Mortors are legal in Texas so they had spent quite a bit to put on a fireworks display that would reveal the city's display but we were alot closer. I even got some ash down my shirt. Lucky me it was not still hot. It was a good 4th.

4th of July!!!

We had a very busy day on the 4th. It started at 8:00 with a pancake breakfast and parade at the church. The girls had big hopes of decorating their bikes and bringing the dog but at 8:00 in the morning I was lucky to get out of the house with all four kids. We dressed the kids up in red, white and blue and they looked pretty cute. Our good friends had their horse there to lead the parade and the girls loved the glitter down it's back. they wanted to do it to chloe the dog when they got home.

Harrison at 9 months

Grandma worked and worked with Harrison while she was here trying to get him to do "so big". About a week after she left he starting doing it. He looks very sweet with his chubby little arms in the air. He is also learning how to hold his own sippy cup to get a drink. He is often "tortured" by his sisters. They thought it was funny to stick his suger puff snacks all over his face one day. Poor guy! I am sure they will get their due when he is bigger.

Our Turtle

When we were coming home from Houston one weekend we saw a lady selling live baby turtles on the side of the highway. John stopped for us to take a look and we ended up buying one. It is only the size of a silver dollar. It is very cute. It wouldn't eat when we first tried to feed it so I thought it wouldn't last long but after about a week it started eating and is doing well. We have now had it about 6 weeks. It is definitely easier to take care of than the dog!!!!

De'ja vu

When my parents came to visit in June they brought my old Barbie dream house for my girls to play with. I set it up the Saturday after they left. I couldn't believe how my parents still had EVERYTHING from the original packaging. It was kind of spooky. my girls are very excited to have a barbie house. It is kind of hard to watch them play because they aren't playing "right" with it!!!! It definitley reminds me of the hours I played with my BFF, Krissy and our little sisters, Sara, Kimee and Missy.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Harrison and Toby

The boys are 9 months old. They are 6 ounces

different in their weight and getting around pretty good. I am sure walking isn't far away.

My guys on the bike!!!!

I had to get a few shots of my favorite guys on the new toy. Aren't they handsome!!!!

The Motorcycle..............

Since gas prices have gone through the roof, driving a Land cruiser is getting pretty expensive. Decent fuel efficent cars for a good price are hard to come by so John did the next best thing. He bought a motorcycle!!!! He figures it will pay for it's self in about 8 months and he can go the same amount of miles in the 3.5 gallons of the motorcycle and he did in the 24 gallons of the land crusier. So if you can do the math we will be saving lots of money. I am a little worried about him being safe but since we live in a small town there isn't much traffic and he takes a back way to work which seldom has anyone else on it. I think he is enjoying the "recklessness" image a motorcycle has!!! Emily and Abby were really good "helpers" while he put the few pieces together.

Father's Day

For father's day the girls and I made breakfast in bed for John. He makes pancakes every weekend for the girls so I thought he deserved a little special treatment from us. We also had fun giving him gifts even though Claire was more than happy to tell him what was in the box before he opened it. I guess she can't be in the room when I am wrapping them again.

Playing Make-up

Emily and Abby love to set up a make-up shop for Claire and her friends then dress them up. One afternoon they made Claire the purple princess and Maya the pink princess with their friend Maisy. The girls are always up for a fashion show too.