Thursday, August 14, 2008

more seaworld pictures

pointing at the fish

the kids loving being with dad

I love this profile of Harrison against the fish tank!!!

My boy and the fish.

Harrison's favorite part was the coral reefs and shark encounter. He loved seeing all the fish swimming right in front of him. It was great to watch his reaction and see him try to touch the fish. We spent a lot of time there because he liked it so much. Abby was anxious to leave the tank area. She was worried the tanks were going to break and sharks would get her. No matter how much I reassured her she still kept asking to leave. I am glad we took the time to be together and have the kids see some neat things even though they were spazes at the hotel room. You would have thought they had never stayed in a hotel before by how amazed they were by everything and it was a standard inexpensive chain hotel!!!! Emily and Abby loved to go get ice from the ice maker! They fought over the mini shampoo, lotions and soaps. Claire carried around the insolated cups for the coffee maker for two days pretending to give all of us cocoa.


Even Better Than the Real Thing said...

That looks like you had a awesome time. I just wish that we were with you.