Sunday, March 29, 2009

I am going to hell....

for being a bad examples as a mother. Today at church during sacrament meeting, we were sitting there trying to keep the kids happy when Harrison dumped the zip-lock bag of color wonder makers out all over the floor. Claire then exclaims, "oh, damn it!" John starts laughing so hard he is crying and I am trying to ignore what she said and just pick up the markers. I am hoping not very many people heard her but I made sure to apologize to the new converts sitting behind us. Luckily they found it humerous and laughed too.

Friday, March 27, 2009

My big 4 year old!!!

Claire has turned 4 years old! She received her birthday crown Tuesday at school when she brought cupcakes to school. She wore it almost all day Wednesday on her Birthday. We spent the day with friends at play group where we shared cookies and that night Claire chose to eat dinner at Cici's Pizza. We came home and opened gifts. Claire was very happy to get an easel and a bike. She kept telling me how much she loved her gifts. She is so sweet right now. When I asked her what she wants to buy with her birthday money she told me "a bike for Harrison". Whenever someone would say Happy Birthday to her she would giggle and then hug them and tell them Happy Birthday back. It made me laugh. She even went around the room after opening gifts and hugging all of us as a thank you saying Happy Birthday to each of us. claire is a busy little girl and keeps me on my toes but her sweet spirit makes her mischief livable even though at times I don't think I can't take it. She is becoming such a big help and fun little girl.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break Camping

The end of spring break we went to Huntsville State Park with friends and family for 4 days. It was lots and fun. The kids had a great time running around by themselves with friends being kids. Harrison loved being outdoors and running around this year. We would put him in his seat to eat by the campfire and he would hang out for awhile eating and watching the fire. It was nice for me to get the "break" from being on constant guard of him running into the road going by the sites. Claire had a great time being with her friend Maya and played all day long. We even brought some crafts for the kids to have fun. John brought the canoe and we went out on the lake and got to see alligators. Abby does NOT like alligators or being anywhere near them!!! Our casuality list was short with only Harrison putting his hand in a hole full of fire ants, I broke a tooth on a kernal of popcorn and the batteries on my camera died so I only got a few pictures!!!!! We had a great time being with cousins and friends and hope to camp more with them soon.