Saturday, February 28, 2009

Powder puff Pinewood derby

It was Powder Puff Derby time again. Emily and Abby designed their cars this year hoping to win most creative but they didn't judge the cars on style at all this year. Emily made a beach car with glitter sand and fish stickers. Abby made a spotted tree frog. The girls did good again this year. Emily placed Third out of the Junior division with 17 cars in the contest. Abby placed 4th in the Brownie division with 27 cars!!! They had a great time and made us proud. Harrison liked to watch the cars race down the track but was mad at me when I wouldn't let him run up and grab them off the track. He will be designing his own car with Dad soon enough.


Christenots said...

I missed the powder puff derby yesterday. You girls did great! Proud of you. Creative the best! Blessings, Gramma