Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Our new swing set

It took us two years of living here but we finally got our swing set for the girls. John built the main part in the level garage then moved it into place and added the beam with the swings and such. It is about 90% done right now just wanting for the slide, picnic table and canopy. The girls are really excited to have it, especially my two swingers Abby and Claire. Harrison has even got to sit in the fort. John has been working hard on it driven by the task master Claire. Daily she would tell Daddy he can't go to work because he needs to build her swing set. She is looking forward to having it completely done so she can have her playgroup friends over to her house. John had to take a break to work on Powder puff pinewood derby cars for Emily and Abby. We will share those pictures next week after the races this weekend.

The Pool Party

We decided to have a pool party for Abby. The weather is still a bit iffy this time of year but with the number of girls Abby wanted to invite it was the best place to have everyone. The weather was pretty good that day and the sun came all the way out towards the end of the party. All the girls swarmed Abby while she opened her gifts. She received lots of nice fun things. John and Harrison stayed together since they were the only "boys" there and needed to stick together. All went well and I am glad to be done with our family birthday "season" until Harrison's in Sept.

Abby's 7 years old!!!

Abby turned 7 on April 23rd!!! I can't believe it has been that long since she was born. She chose to go to Chili's for dinner and then we came home and opened gifts from the family. Her sisters were excited to play Hannah Montana with her. She is excited to have two new webkins for her collection. She was a bit silly blowing out her candles.

Friday, April 18, 2008

We're in trouble.

Harrison is rapidly meeting milestones lately. He cut his first tooth on Friday April 11th and you can see the second one close behind next to it. On Monday April 14th I put him on the floor to play with his toys and when he got on his belly he started to get up on his hands & knees and rocked. I was so shocked that he is so close to being mobile. I can't believe my baby is pushing 7 months old. Time has really gone by quickly. He is building his muscles to learn how to crawl by doing "push ups". He is probably in better shape than I am. Other than Harrison, things are pretty quiet here so not too many pictures to share. Abby will be turning 7 next week so we will have more things to share then.