Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween night

The Curnutt kids together

Emily the Vampire
Abby our little devil girl!(her hair is still pinkish)
Claire - wearing yet another costume (third this year!)
Harrison the snotty Tiger (he has a cold right now)

We had a full week of Halloween celebrations. Wednesday we went to 2 festivals at 2 different baptist churches, Thursday was Claire's school party, Friday was the festival at Emily and Abby's school, the festival on SFA campus and the church trunk or treat. Saturday was the city of Nacogdoches Scare on the square and trick or treating. By the end our kids had more candy then they would ever need. They had a great time and loved it all. The older girls are growing up and wanted to trick or treat with their friends so Abby went out with her friend Jamie and Emily went out with her friend Maisy. I just had Claire and Harrison to trick or treat with their friends Maya and Toby. It was a great night!


kim may said...

Lookin good. I love how kids get so excited about Halloween. Maybe it is the age....because Drew had several costumes as well.