Monday, December 3, 2007

Santa pictures

We had our ward party very early this year on Nov.30th. Santa came to see the kids and brought them an orange and some candy. Claire was VERY excited to see santa and ran to the front of the line, she was happy to get the candy too since it is her staple food group. Abby told santa she wanted a mp3 player for christmas and Emily asked for an ipod. I don't think they realize they are the same thing. Emily believes santa is very rich and will bring her anything because she has also asked for a laptop and Barbie jeep.

Claire is our little rag a muffin who doesn't leave shoes on for long anywhere we go. She might do a better job if we lived where is snowed and she couldn't go outside without them.

Harrison is wearing a cute christmas outfit on loan from his cousin Anthony. I think he looks like a sweet little elf in it. The outfit is a 3/6 months that he fit great at 2 months!!!


Amy Thurston said...

Amy I am so glad you are doing this. My family has all had blogs for just a ocuple months, and we are having a fun time with it. It is so easy to keep up with friends with it. Your girls look so much like you! I love how big your baby already is. My blog is

Kim Meikle said...

Hi Amy,
Loved to get a little update on the cute Curnutts. Your kids really are darling.